Co-Founder & creative director

Eva Varro graduated from the Fashion Institute of Budapest, Hungary and honed her talent working for several leading fashion design companies in Hungary and Italy.  She relocated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California in 2002; after a very successful relationship with a Los Angeles based company, she launched her own line that became an instant success.

Currently Eva’s line is sold all across the United States, Canada, Europe and Central America.  Many celebrities wear Eva’s designs, as seen in print and television.

Eva has developed a unique construction technique that sets her product apart from others.  The construction and components make the garments fit perfectly. The garments are washable and wrinkle free because they are made of high quality fabrics superceding other less expensive lines.

Eva’s exclusive signature placement prints and designs are another characteristic that sets the collection apart from others. She is known for her artfully handcrafted garments that enhance a woman’s figure and are designed to fit every woman’s shape, from the perfect to the not so perfect body types.

Eva Varro International is a designer look at non-designer price and above all it is Made with Love and Passion in the USA. 

The Magic of Color 

A spark of vibrancy goes a long way. As our eyes gravitate towards color with a lively sense of optimism, it generates blissful escape from reality. 

This is what Eva Varro is all about - A fashion designer with a bold and prolific eye for color that resonates artistry and versatility for everyday wear. 

vibrant prints

Can’t Ruffle Your Feathers?

Your life is full of activities, things to do, deadlines to fulfill. Having an on-the-go, “ready to rock the day” kind of outfit is something that a modern day lifestyle is all about. Our handcrafted garments are not only stylish but also wrinkle-free using a durable fusion of polyester and spandex. The construction and components make the garments fit perfectly along with a smooth and comfortable feel - you might not want to take it off! 

So whether you’re all about that active lifestyle or attending sophisticated events, you’re ready to take on the day, looking radiant with a dashing level of style everywhere you go.